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Camacha is a picturesque small village in the Santa Cruz department, a few kilometres in the hills east of Funchal. Situated at about 700 meters high, Camacha is famous for its traditions, handicraft and its very active and colourful folklore dance groups.

The village is situated in a typical Madeira’s mountain side landscape, in between valleys and mounts, surrounded by small villages and other places of great natural value, such as Poiso or Montado do Pereiro.

Since the first colonization times that these fertile lands dictate the strong agricultural feature of the region, that has been able to be maintained until our days, still visible in the several estates and manor houses of the region and the many rural testimonies, such as old wind and watermills, the levadas, fountains, bridges, among many others.

Camacha is known for its strong cultural feature, where the old traditions are still kept, as it is visible in its Handicraft. In fact, Camacha represents the centre of Madeira’s willow craft industry!
The Artisans still live next to their workshops, making furniture, hats, ornaments, kitchen utensils, wine holders and baskets of all sizes and shapes, among other interesting objects and pieces.

The village is also proud of its architectonic and natural heritage, with monuments such as the Mother, the Nova and the Rochão Churches or the lovely São José Chapels, or the charming Levadas of Serra do Faial and Tornos, the best way to known the real inner Island of Madeira and its luxuriant vegetation.

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