For many years this lovely Caramulo village has been named as “pure”, due to its air purity and high levels of oxygen, located in the heart of the beautiful Caramulo Mountain, offering an immense beauty and peace of mind.

The Caramulo Mountain and Village were for many years known as an important place of healing, due to the purity of its environment, perfect for lung and respiratory diseases. Even nowadays some of the many sanatoriums for the tuberculosis that here existed, can be seen in the Caramulo village,

The village has the particularity of being planned and created from the bottom. In 1921 taking advantage of its wonderful location, in the purity of the Mountain, of a Country that was heading for a crescent progress and industrialization and suffering from a big Tuberculosis epidemic.
With the consequent declining of this disease and to the progress of science, the many Sanatoriums (up to 16 in the village) got depredated, many were closed and other re-used for other purposes.
Quite interesting nowadays are the two bronze lions dated from that period, which were marking the limit for all the patients that were allowed to take religious walks, knowing that the lions were as far as they could go, as a way to prevent the virus spread to the neighbour villages.

The village is also quite famous for its Caramulo Museum, that assembles an Art museum and an Automobile museum, the first of this kind in Portugal. The Museum was founded by the two sons of Doctor Lacerda, the Doctor in charge for the sanatoriums, an art collector and automobiles lover.
The rich and diversified collection encompasses in the first floor artistic works signed by Júlio Pomar, Amadeo de Sousa Cardoso , Vieira da Silva, Pablo Picasso or Salvador Dali, among others, and also ceramics, tapestry, and many other artistic and cultural objects. On the ground floor a wonderful and diversified Automobile collection is shown, where one can observe the passage of time though design, technological and scientific progress, styles, types and automobile comfort.

Place of great peace of mind, it is worth a walk in the Viveiros Woods, filled with natural beauty and rich in several species of fauna and flora, with a large number of old oak, pine and chestnut trees, on a charming Romantic ambiance.

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