Carregal do Sal

Carregal do Sal


Carregal do Sal is a rural village located in the amazing Mondego right river bank, on the fertile region of Dão-Lafões, known for its soils richness that produce the freshest products of the land.

Located in between the amazing Estrela and Caramulo Mountain Ranges, the Carregal do Sal region charms for its natural beauty, rich in water courses and fertile lands, where the famous Dão wine is produced, as well as the much appreciated high quality olive oil.

The toponym “Sal” (Salt) derives from the big salines ordered to be built by the rich Santar House which supplied the all region, with salt from Figueira da Foz, in the coast line, in boats that sailed the Dão and the Mondego rivers until Carregal do Sal.
The interesting Manuel Soares de Albergaria Municipal Museum is located in the house built by Francisco Pais do Amaral, from the Santa house, in the place where the salt-pits were located. The Museum presents nowadays ethnography, painting, archaeology, sculpture and armoury collections, as well as several archaeological sites which can be visited.

Showing off the richness that these fertile soils have provided to the Land Lords, are the many Manor Houses and small Palaces of the region, leaving a stately architectonic heritage, using local materials such as granite and wood.

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