Casa da Pesca de Oeiras



The Casa da Pesca (“Fishing House”) of Oeiras is situated in the Gardens of the beautiful Marquês de Pombal Count of Oeiras Palace, inserted in the Agronomic National Station, in Oeiras, on the wide Lisboa region.

This is a lovely green area were the most diversified events take place, such as concerts or dance exhibitions.
The gardened area is decorated with an artificial lake, with a statue with maritime motifs, and is composed by an elegant stairway with walls decorated with charming glazed tiles panels from the 18th century.
The ceilings are painted with frescos from João Grossi, with 18th century fishing scenes.

This is a leisure area, built in the Baroque 18th century, for Sebastião Carvalho e Mello, the powerful statesman Marquis de Pombal, and Count of Oeiras, that chose this privileged place as its Summer residence.

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