Patudos House-Museum



Situated in the heart of Portugal, in the Ribatejo region, in Alpiarça, this House was built in 1905, as a request of José Relvas.

José Relvas was a famous politician, the one who proclaimed the republic back in 1910, also was Minister of Finances during the Provisional Government, served as minister (ambassador) of Portugal in Madrid, was Prime Minister in one of the many short lived governments of the Portuguese First Republic. Nevertheless, José Relvas was a huge art collectioner and a musician and musicologist, and a farmer as well.

José Relvas wanted to maintain and cherish even after his death his marvellous and rich art collection, and built this house, projected by Raul Lino, for that purpose.
The house was donated to the Municipal Borough of Alpiarça that nowadays houses this House-Museum, one of the most important and prestige municipal museums in the country.
The museum possesses several architectural, painting, sculpture and decorative arts from various reference authors, since the middle age right up into beginnings of the 20th century.
The Garden is also quite lovely, and completes all the charming architectural set.

Closed on Mondays and on the following Bank Holidays: 1st January, Easter; 2nd of April; 25th of April; 1st of May; 25th December.

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