Alegrete Castle



Located on the beautiful São Mamede Mountain Natural Park, right in the vast and charming Alentejo region, the Alegrete Castle is classified as a National Monument since 1946.

This monument was once quite important due to the great geographic location and the proximity with the Spanish border, providing to Alegrete a rich and ancient history.

This is a place of ancient Human occupancy, re-conquered by the first Portuguese king, D. Afonso Henriques, possibly around the year 1160.

In fact, the construction of the building might date from the Lusitans occupancy period, and here passed Romans, Vandals, Alans and Moors.

Since the Christian re-conquest by king D. Afonso Henriques, the Alegrete Castle has been in Portuguese domain, except in 1475, when it was occupied by the Castilian forces. Afterwards it also suffered with the “Oranges War” in 1801, by then presenting already a high decline state.

Alegrete Castle presents an irregular rectangular plan on a Gothic military style.
The defensive wall presents a double entrance, and the structure is also endowed with a Keep and a cistern, among other facilities that, even though receiving some conservation works as from the 20th century, were not able to completely avoid the abandon and ruin state that the building was suffering.

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