Almoáda - Paderne Castle



During the Christian Reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula, the Muslims built some fortresses to defend themselves from the Christian attacks, The Castle of Paderne is one of the many examples of the fortitudes built (and sometimes rebuilt) in this period.

The primitive castle will have been raised in the century XI, by the Almoádas (a Berber, Muslim dynasty), being part of a line of defence of Albufeira region, that the Portuguese king D. Sancho I conquered in 1189, for afterwards return to the possession of the Arabs.

In the reign of D. Afonso III, in 1248, this fortitude passes definitely to the kingdom of Portugal. The king D. Dinis, around the year 1300, donated the castle to the Order of Avis that carried out with recuperation works.

From the century XVI, the strategic importance of this castle is lost and even the population was dislocated of its immediacies. The big earthquake of 1755 aggravated the state of ruin that the castle already suffered at the time.

The Castle of Paderne is nowadays classified as a Monument of Public Interest and what remains of the castle (wall and part of the chapel) has been submitted to rebuilt and maintenance works.

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