Barbacena Castle



Located in the vast and charming Alentejo region, more concretely in the Barbacena small village, in the Elvas department, this monument is thought to be built over a pre-Roman hill fort.

The settlement was conquered to the Moors during the reign of King D. Sancho II (1223-1248). The Castle was probably built during the reign of King D. Afonso II (1248-1279). During the reign of king D. Manuel I (1495-1521) the building was already in a bad conservation state, which lead to some reconstruction works at that time.

In 1575 the monument is bought by Diogo de Castro do Rio, a Knight of the Order of Christ, and the first Lord of Barbacena.

By the 17th century the Castle gets some improvement works, in the context of the Portuguese Restoration War from the Spanish domain (1640), yet in 1645 the Castle is invaded by the Spanish troops.
Barbacena, a settlement located quite near to the Spanish border, was for several times sieged and attacked, namely during the Succession War in Spain, and in several other times until the beginning of the 19th century, leading to the destruction and abandon of the building.

The Barbacena Castle is classified as a Public Interest Building since 1967, presenting a rectangular plan, conserving the defensive walls, the vestiges of an ancient round arch, the Governor’s house and the vestiges of an ancient Chapel.

The monument is nowadays private property; hence the visit to the interior of the Castle is not possible at the date.

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