Belmonte Castle



The construction of the Belmonte Castle is attributed to king D. Sancho I, around the 13th century, improved after by king D. Dinis (1179 to 1325), namely with the construction of the new Donjon. Nevertheless, the archaeological researches inside the Castle, determine the Roman occupancy of this territory.

This fortress was always involved in the succession wars, after the death of D. Fernando in 1383, yet its military feature arrives to an end practically in the reign of king D. Afonso V who delivers the Castle to Fernão Cabral, the father of Pedro Álvares Cabral, the navigator who discovered Brazil in 1500. His family transformed the Castle into a residence over the years.

One of the castle buildings was used as a prison in the 20th century.

The Castle is nowadays classified as National Monument and is often used with cultural purposes, receiving recently conservation works and housing a museum area.

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