Castro Marim Castle

Castro Marim


Castro Marim had for centuries great importance due to its strategic location as it commands the view over the estuary of the river Guadiana which separates the Algarve from Spain. This area been occupied since ancient times, successively inhabited by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Moors, up to the Christian Reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula.

According to archaeological excavations the oldest defensive wall dates from the 8th century AC, confirming the strategic importance of this place as a door for commercial activity with the Mediterranean Sea.

In 1242 the Castle is reconquered to Portuguese territory by the master of the Religious Order of Santiago, and was from that on an important strategic and defensive fortress.

During the War of the Restoration of the Portuguese Independence from Spain, after 1640, the defenses of Castro Marim were adapted for the use of artillery and was also built the fortresses of Saint Sebastião and of Saint António.

After the big earthquake of 1755, the king José the 1st ordered the Castle to be restored.

Nowadays the Castro Marim Castle is classified as a National Monument, and several conservation works have been done to preserve its rich history along the years. In order to preserve the rich heritage and history of the area, was also created an Archaeological Museum.

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