Folgosinho Castle



Overlooking the lovely Folgosinho village, on the north slope of the big Estrela Mountain, Folgosinho’s Castle used to compose a defensive triangle in the Mondgo river valley, along with the Linhares and the Celorico da Beira Castles.

The origins of the Castle are quite diffuse, although the popular knowledge assign the Castle’s foundation to the time of the warrior Viriathus, that was supposedly born in Folgosinho. Viriathus was the most important leader of the Lusitanian people that resisted Roman expansion into the regions of Western Iberia (between 147 b. C and 139 b.C.).
Other archaeological studies suggest that the Castle was founded during the Middle Age, as the settlement was being populated.

The Castle is a small round precinct, situated at 933 meters high, built in white-rose quartz, that provides an unique beauty to the building.

The Castle was classified as a Public Interest Building on the 25th of March 1936, and is nowadays the greatest Folgosinho’s highlight, along with an incredible panorama.

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