Miranda do Douro Castle

Miranda do Douro - Miranda do Douro


Miranda do Douro locality probably already existed in the Roman occupancy period, and the Christian re-conquest of the territory expelled the Moors.
The Castle was enhanced by the first Portuguese kings, yet the several battles that were fought destroyed much of the monument, and during the reign of king D. Dinis (1279 to 1325) the Castle was re-built, around the year 1280.

The Portuguese Independence Restoration War was quite harsh for this Castle and, in 1644, king D. João IV ordered the reconstruction of the defensive walls, adapting them to artillery, yet it resisted with difficulty to the Spanish attacks.

In 1762, during the Seven Years War, the Castle was under the Spanish siege, resisting until the powder magazine exploded, destroying the Castle.
Back to the Portuguese possession, after the Peace treaty signed in 1763, the Castle was re-built again, and later, around 1800, would have been again devastated by the miseries of war, during the French invasions.

From this fortification, classified as a Public Interest Building, part of the 17th century walls is still visible, enclosing the town’s ancient nucleus, the Donjon tower and also the Miranda’s Cathedral and the Episcopal Palace.



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