Aldeia de Castelo Mendo



The historical small village of Castelo Mendo is a very ancient locality, situated on a granite hill, at about 756 meters high.
For centuries this was a strategic defence point, with difficult accesses, surrounded by an arid and trimmed landscape, and by the river Côa.
The human presence vestiges date back from the Bronze Age and from the Roman occupation period, and the village is surrounded by Walls dating from the 12th century, with six medieval doors.
The majority of the village buildings, rural and with two floors (the lower ground for the cattle and other animals, and the upper ground housing the family residence) are built with granite stone, as it is typical in several villages from the Beira’s region.
Widely known was the Medieval Fair of this village, probably the first official Fair in the country.
Worth to be seen are the village monuments, such as the Castle, the São Vicente and São Pedro Churches, the high Pillory with 7 meters, or the Domus Municipalis - the old building that used to be a jail (on the lower ground), the court of law and the city hall (on the higher floor ), that nowadays houses the Tourist Office and an Exhibition Room, and is also one of the starting points to visit the Foz Coa prehistoric art, classified a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

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