Lamego Cathedral



A succession of styles dating from different periods runs through the façade and the interior of the Lamego Cathedral and, nevertheless, the set still imposes a sense of beauty and monumentality.

The most ancient element visible are the tower’s windows, in a wonderful Romanesque style from the 12th century.

In the 16th century the bishop D. Manoel de Noronha ordered the construction of the upper part, leaving as a mark his coat of arms.
In the same century was built the notable frontispiece, organized in a triple portico, where elements of the Renaissance and of the Flaming Gothic are conjugated, forming a set of great beauty.
From the same epoch dates the cloister, decorated with small and elegant arches, constituting a good architecture example of the transition from the Gothic style to Renaissance.

In the Temple’s interior rules the Baroque style from the 18th century. In 1738 the great artist Nicolau Nasoni got the order to paint the vaults. In the colourful and well maintained frescos are presented scenes of the Ancient Testament (Men’s creation, the original sin, Moses childhood, Abraham’s sacrifice, among others).

In the main chapel rests a 18th century painting with marble and golden tones, and two pipe organs dated from 1753.



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