The lovely town of Chaves is situated in a beautiful valey, next to the Tâmega river and close to the border with Spain.
Chaves has several archaeological vestiges of human occupation since the Palaeolithic, and been occupied by Suebis, Visigoths, Moors and, of course, Romans whose Emperor Flávio Vespasiano baptized Chaves as “Aquae Flaviae”, recognizing the quality of its natural spring waters, with medicinal properties, considered to be the warmest spa in Europe (about 73ºC), still very famous and appreciated nowadays.
With a great strategic importance due to its proximity with the Spanish border, Chaves was already an important place during Middle Ages.
With an astonishing natural beauty, Chaves has several highlights worth the visit, with a very pleasant Historical Centre, with the lovely Camões Square, and important religious buildings and spirit, with quite a lot of Churches and Temples. The São Francisco and São Neutel Forts, all the Roman vestiges and legacy throughout the region, the Região Flaviense Museum located in the Duques de Bragança Palace (15th century), the Ordem da Nossa Senhora da Conceição (17th century) and all the Medieval environment present in this region are also absolutely delightful and worth the visit.
The Gastronomy of this region is quite appreciated in a national level, specially the famous sausages and smoked ham.
Land of traditions well preserved, its handicraft is also a pride reason, in particular the black clay creations, the Vilar de Nantes basket weaving and the wool rugs
from Soutelo.

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