Roman Village of Ammaia

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Situated nearby the lovely village of Marvão, in the vast Alentejo region , in the heart of the São Mamede Mountain Natural Park, the Ruins of the Roman Town of Ammaia are located in a place of great beauty, and constitute an important heritage legacy.

In 1995 the archaeological excavations began, uncovering about 3.000 m2. According to several studies, the original area of the town would have around 20 hectares.

The most curious about these Ruins is the fact that in the 5th and 9th centuries the place would have suffered the effects of cataclysms that buried the lower part of the urban area, being therefore conserved until nowadays.

This good state of conservation to its primary outline allows to better acknowledge the structures of these Roman settlements, and nowadays parts of important structures are visible, like the “podium” of a temple, probably dating from the 1st century, and the existence of a public thermal complex as well as other domestic structures.

A live museum was created, the Monographic Museum of the Ammaia Town, in order to illustrate the quotidian life of the local population that lived here in this Roman occupation period, as well as several objects that were found in the archaeological excavations, with one of the most important Glass collections in the Iberian Peninsula dated from this epoch.

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