Coja is a lovely small village located in the Central region of Portugal, nearby Arganil, on the bank of the river Alva, in a place blessed by nature and the fresh air of this lovely river.

This is a settlement with quite remote origins, with vestiges of Roman and Moorish occupancy, that were attracted to this place by the fertility of the soils and by the mineral exploration.

It is known that a Castle was erected here, even before the formation of the Portuguese Nationality (12th century), situated in between the Alva river and the Mata river, that was destructed during the Christian re-conquest of the territory.

Coja has an interesting Heritage, worth to be visited, like the Mother Church of São Miguel, the 18th century Santo António Chapel, the Senhor do Sepulcro, the Nossa Senhora da Ribeira and the Casa do Prior Costa Chapels, the Manueline Pillory or even the Manor House “Casa da Praça” from the 18th century.

Nevertheless, the village’s great heritage is its natural landscape, with several beautiful bucolic sceneries, filled with peace of mind and tradition, and with wonderful Fluvial Beaches like the Caneiro da Moenda and the Caneiro do Moinho d’Alva.



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