Constância is a beautiful village situated in the Central region if the Country, by the wonderful Tejo and Zêzere rivers, forming a kind of Peninsula.
This village is also called as “Poem Village” because here lived the one that is considered to be the greatest Portuguese Poet: Luís de Camões (1524 or 1525 - 1580).

Constância rises, proud, with its white houses coming up the hill, with the purity of two rivers at its feet. In its narrow white streets, history lives, coloured by all the flowers, vibrant colours and peace of mind.

Its ancient history is directly likned to this two rivers that surround the village. Once named “Punhete”, here inhabited Iberians, Romans, Visigoths and Moors.
Constância lived of the fluvial transportation, communication, naval construction and restoration and of the fishing for many centuries. This reality changed in the 19th century with the arrival of the Railway and new roads and later, during the 20th century, with the construction of the Dams of the region. It’s Tourist industry gets bigger and better everyday, offering great leisure activities and facilities.

Constância rich heritage presents lovely monuments like the Nossa Senhoda dos Mártires Church, up in the hill, from where one has an astonishing landscape, and other like the misericórdia Church from the 17th century, the Santo António and São Julião Churches, the Camões Memory House, where the Poet lived between 1547 and 1550, the village Pillory, or even the metallic Bridge over the Zêzere river, an important work of Gustavo Eiffel.

Constância is also famous for its festivities, like the renowned Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem Fair, during Eater, when all the village is decorated with colourful papers, snacks and street animation throughout its streets, with its highlights on the Easter’s Monday, when the ornamented boat procession takes place.

Also famous are the “Pomonas Camonianas” that take place every 10th of June, when the village is all transformed into a Medieval village, paying homage to the great Luís de Camões Poet.

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