São Gonçalo Convent and Church



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Highlight of the beautiful Amarante town, in the greenish north of Portugal, the São Gonçalo Convent was founded by king D. João III in 1540.

The Convent, built in the same place where previously was a small medieval chapel dedicated to São Gonçalo, integrates the beautiful São Gonçalo Church, under Dominican project and style. With a Mannerist style, the Church has a Latin cross plan and a grandiose façade with three floors, one of them baroque and the other two in renaissance style.

The interior has three naves, where is located the important São Gonçalo Chapel where the mortal remaining of the Saint now rest, under a limestone tomb statue.

Also quite notable is the king gallery, the Chapel of Santa Rita de Cássia, the 18th century Organ, the Kings’ Balcony, the baroque bell tower, the two cloisters and the monumental fountain.

The Convent and Church of São Gonçalo are classified as National Monument since 1910.

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