Terras de Bouro, Campo do Gerês - Terras de Bouro


Situated in the heart of the wonderful Peneda-Gerês National Park, in the rural Campo do Gerês, also known as São João do Campo, this curious “cruzeiro” (a large religious cross) has as a support a milestone.
Milestones permitted distances and locations to be known and recorded exactly and were present on the main Roman roads, at every thousand steps, indicating the distance. On each milestone was carved the name of the Emperor that ordered the construction or conservation of the road.

This milestone was part of the set that still can be visible in the VIA NOVA, the important Roman road that linked Braga to Astorga. On the top of the milestone is the cross with Christ, built in stone.
Protecting this curious “cruzeiro” is a metallic structure in triangle, timbered, settled en three granite columns.

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