Ermida da Nossa Senhora do Vale

Paredes, Vale - Paredes


Chapel of Our Lady of Vale

The Chapel of Our Lady of Vale may have been built in the late 15th century or early 16th century. The main portal and its sculpture show how medieval motifs [Romanesque and Gothic] have lingered through time. The Chapel comprises a rectangular nave and a square chancel with wooden ceilings. This Chapel would have initially had a stone vault with crossed ogives. This monument maintains traces of mural painting, with representations of angel musicians. This painting, dated 1530-1540, suggests the presence of a high quality workshop, probably linked to master Arnaus. The presence of the pulpit outside the Chapel should be understood in the scope of pilgrimage, since the large influx of devotees tended to hold open air celebrations here. Both the porch and the pulpit are common to this type of devotional chapel. The location of this Chapel explains the devotion to Our Lady of Vale, showing how its foundation is connected to the farming interests and religiousness of the local people.

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