Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Chapel

Vila do Bispo


The Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Chapel is situated in between the small villages of Budens and Raposeira, in the lovely department of Vila do Bispo, on the western side of the Algarve region.

This small chapel is dated from the 13 century and counts with several Gothic elements in a Romanesque architectural base, and had recently been through restoration works.

The main façade has a simple and rural Gothic style, with a pointed Portal and a rosette on the top.
The interior is composed by one nave, with the main altar covered by a lovely vault.
During the 15th century, this Chapel was integrated in the big Raposeira Estate, property of Henry the Navigator, where nowadays are still some vestiges of the medieval palace where he lived. Henry the Navigator was the most famous for the voyages of discovery that he organised and financed, which eventually led to the rounding of Africa and the establishment of sea routes to the Indies.

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