Nossa Senhora do Anjos Chapel

Vila do Porto


The historic Nossa Senhora do Anjos Chapel is located on the Anjos small village, on the astonishing Santa Maria Island, Azores Archipelago, supposed to be the most ancient Chapel in the entire Archipelago.

Originally built in wood on the first colonization periods of the territory, in1439, it was re-built afterwards in rubblework almost 30 years past, and since then suffered several conservation works, namely in the 17th and 19th centuries.

The Chapel presents nowadays a austere style, with a rectangular plan, and is classified as a Public Interest Building.
Its interior is enriched by a polychrome glazed tile frontal, typical of the 17th century, and also by a triptych painted over cedar wood, dated from the 16th century, among other interesting elements.

It is said that it was here that the historical Thanksgiving Mass, ordered by Christopher Columbus, in 1493, as he returned from American continent Discovery. The Chapel has also associated to it several stories and legends associated to the Pirate attacks of this coast, inclusively being said that it sober and simple style helped and protected it to avoid the pirate attacks and sackings.

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