São Mamede de Janas Chapel



The São Mamede de Janas Rural Chapel is situated in the Sintra department, and is famous for its religious festivities.

This is a region of very ancient human occupancy, and some say this temple would have been built over a previous Roman building, of which it is still possible to observe its ‘podium’. Some say that the previous building was even founded before the Roman presence in the territory.

The present building dates probably from the end of the 16th century. It is a round structure, attributed to the renowned Francisco d’Ollanda, yet still to be confirmed.
The exterior terrace is one of the rural marks in many temples in the Sintra region, merged in half of the chapel with three counterforts.

The Chapel is famous for its Festivities, in honour to São Mamede, that take place between the 15th and the 17th of August, with a Procession that leads the Cattle round the temple, in three ritual full circles.
Usually the Cattle owners leave votive offering (“ex-votos”) in the interior of the chapel.
It is said that this Saint, protector of the cattle, and also an healer has the power to domesticate wild animals.



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