Rossio Train Station



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Situated in between the Rossio Square and the Restauradores Square this station, built in 1886/7, in order to connect the city of Lisbon with the Sintra region, it is a masterpiece and a Romantic recreation of the exuberant Manueline style, designed by the architect José Luís Monteiro.
Recently restored, the Station astonishes for his facade of eight doors that combine with the nine windows and with its watch in a small turret with an abundant sculptural decoration.
Nowadays, after the restoration, the Station has got its original White colour, that was for many years covered in grey, because of all the pollution around.
This was a different architectural work at the time it was conceived, for it was not regular that a public building to serve all the population would have an architectural style and aesthetics that was usually used for Royalty, nobles, or somehow connected with the power constructions.

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