Évoramonte, also known as Santa Maria, is a lovely village situated in the Estremoz department, in the vast Alentejo region, inside defensive walls, in a very peaceful area.

The region presents vestiges of ancient human occupation since the Paleolithic Period (30 000 to 10 000 b.C.), as one can attest in the Monte da Faínha and in the many megalithic monuments throughout the region, such as the Serra d’Ossa Antas.
History was made on the 26th of May 1834 when the ÉvoraMonte Convention was signed, ending the civil war of 1832-34 between liberals and absolutists.

This peaceful settlement, that seems lost in time, shows off a wonderful heritage, with important monuments like its Castle, the Palace with a curious Watch tower, and what is left of the village’s walls, and others like the Mother Church, the São Pedro Church (15th and 16th century), the Misericórdia Church (16th century), the Santa Rita de Cássia Chapel, and the Santa Margarida, Santo Estêvão and São Sebastião Chapels.
There are other interesting monuments like the 15th century Santo Estêvão Fountain, the Public Cistern, the Pillory or the Communitarian Barn, denoting the rural history of the village, that was able to survive the centuries thanks to its community efforts.

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