Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo

Calheta ( Ilha São Jorge )


The beautiful Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo is located on the Ribeira Seca village, on the northern coast of the fabulous São Jorge Island, known as the “Fajãs Island“ of the Azores Archipelago. This is probably the most famous and beautiful Fajã in the Island.

“Fajã” is the name given in the Azores to the plain terrains with a small extension, situated on the seaside, formed by materials from the cliffs or from the ocean’s and wind erosion of the rocks, usually housing small typical localities with a strong fishing tradition.

Classified as a Natural Reserve, such is its importance and biodiversity, the Fajã Caldeira de Santo Cristo houses important fauna and flora species, such as the cockles which are one of the lake’s highlight.
In fact, the Fajã de Santo Cristo Lake, with pleasant warm and calm waters, is an habitat for several natural species, namely of avifauna, promoting overwhelming landscapes.

Here is also located the Santo Cristo Chapel, dated from 1835, nowadays a pilgrimage place in the Island, specially during the Santo Cristo Festivities, that take place every year in the first Sunday of September.

The access to the Fajã is not easy, yet it allows the contemplation of overwhelming landscapes through the access pedestrian itinerary, known as the Fajãs Itinerary (“Percurso das Fajãs“).

This Fajã is also famous amongst Surf and Body board practitioners due to the good conditions for these types of sport that can be found here.

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