Fajã do Ouvidor



Located on the wonderful northern coast of the wonderful São Jorge Island, on the greenish Azores Archipelago, the Fajã do Ouvidor, also named as “Fajã do Porto”, is one of the biggest of this “Fajãs Island”.

“Fajã” is the name given in the Azores to the plain terrains with a small extension, situated on the seaside, formed by materials from the cliffs or from the ocean’s and wind erosion of the rocks, usually housing small typical localities with a strong fishing tradition.

This is a quite developed and modernized Fajã, with some commercial and residential houses, maintaining nevertheless its rural and peaceful ambiance of other times, facing proudly the vast Atlantic Ocean.

Here is located the Nossa Senhora das Dores Chapel, dated from 1903, taking place every year on the third Sunday of September the Festivities in homage to the Patron Saint, filled with tradition and devotion.

Here is located the best Seaport in the northern coast of the São Jorge Island, giving an ambiance of fishing tradition to all the Fajã, that gets also quite colourful with the presence of all the picturesque embarkations.

Quite frequented, specially during summer months, is the beautiful Natural Swimming Pool, offering pleasant swims and also an easy access to the sea waters.

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