Favaios is a small village nearby Alijó, in the North region of the Country, situated in a slope of the beautiful Vilarelho Mountain, typical from this Trás-os-Montes (literally meaning “behind the hills”) region.

This rural village surrounded by fertile mountain soils, has in the vineyards culture its main activity, producing the famous Moscatel (“muscat”) Wine, a very sweet wine usually served in bars or as an aperitif at restaurants.

The origins of Favaios are quite remote and lost in time, yet some say that during the 1st and 2nd centuries a Roman community inhabited this place, probably named as “Flavius”. Favaios was also inhabited by Moors and re-conquered by Christian during the first years of the Portuguese Nationality.

This village is proud of its lovely heritage, with highlights like what is still left of the Roman Castle, the São Domingos Mother Church dated from the 19th century, the Chapels of São Paio (17th century), Senhor Jesus do Outeiro (19th century) and Santa Barbara from where one has an astonishing panorama. Also the Quinta de São Jorge is quite interesting, with a Romanesque Chapel.

The Favaios region has several Manor Houses, sign of the importance of the fertile soils and the wine production industry throughout the centuries, mainly after the 17th century, fact that is marked in the houses usually with many baroque elements.

The peaceful and picturesque village of Favaios is also a well-know Bread producer.

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