Ferreira do Alentejo

Ferreira do Alentejo


Situated in the heart of Alentejo region, in an area where the plain landscape starts to gain small undulations and altitude, Ferreira do Alentejo has an interesting and wealthy history to tell, with archaeological vestiges from the Visigoth and Roman occupation.
Ferreira do Alentejo has a rich religious tradition, as one can observe in the Matriz Church (16th century), the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Church and the Misericórdia Church (16th century), the Calvário Chapel, or in the Santa Maria Madalena Chapel.
There are some Manor Houses and small Palaces quite beautiful and interesting, such as the Solar dos Viscondes, or the Diogo Maldonado Passanha House, or even the Antigo Tribunal da Comarca de Ferreira do Alentejo.
Nearby Ferreira do Alentejo is located Peroguarda, a lovely and typical small vilage, where tradition still rules among its small white houses, the sculpted pillory dating from 1740 and the beautiful Santa Margarida Church.

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