Fonte da Benémola



Situated in the Querença and Tôr small villages, in the Loulé department the Protected Area of Fonte Benémola is a place of great beauty, unknown by many, and a symbol of the great landscape diversity of the Algarve region.

The area is crossed by the lovely Menalva stream that, as it is supplied by other streams, keeps a good amount of water even during Summer months, situated in an area of transition between the coastal Algarve and the mountain side, providing interesting characteristics.

The protected area is surrounded by some 400 hectares of land, and houses a large variety of fauna and flora, such as bushes, reed plots and wild rosemary, and also ash trees, willows and tamarisks. This is one of the birds paradise, finding here species such as the kingfishers, bee-eaters, sleepy owls and herons, but also other species like amphibians, triton salamanders and tortoises, among many others.

Located in a traditional agricultural area, there are several old water devices all over, like scoop-wheels, water-wheels and water-mills.

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