Beliche Fort

Sagres - Vila do Bispo


The Beliche Fort, consecrated to Saint Anthony, was built before the year 1587 (the construction dates are unknown, but by this year there are already some records referring to the presence of this fortification).

The fort was used to control ships and fishing boats and also to protect fishermen that had in that area a tuna fishing framework .

In the interior of the fort, there is a small chapel dedicated to Saint Catherine. At the entrance one can find a Shield with the Royal Weapons and an inscription dated 1632 that refers to the reconstruction of the fortress in that year.

The big earthquake of 1755 caused it great damage and it was progressively abandoned.

The Fort was finally restored in 1960 and over the foundations of the old barracks a Tea House was created, while some restoration and conservation works were also carried out in S. Vicente Cape and in Sagres due to the memorialisation of the 500 years of the death of Henry the Navigator. 


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