São Sebastião Fort

Castro Marim


Situated in the lovely village of Castro Marim, the São Sebastião Fort is located on the south side of the Caslte hill, and is one of the village’s symbols, from where one has an astonishing panorama.

Originally here was located an ancient Chapel consecrated to Saint Sebastian, demolished for the Fort’s construction during the Portuguese Restoration War with Spain, in the 17th century.
With the construction of this Fort, Castro Marim transformed into the main military village in the Algarve, with a very important medieval castle, very close to the border with Spain.

The Fort has a polygonal plant adapted to the irregular soil, with five ramparts and the main door facing north, towards the village and the castle, communicating by a set of walls and covered entrance, complementing the medieval structure with the modern 17th century military techniques.
The Fort had recent conservation works, improving all the surroundings. From here the panorama allows to observe an Algarve with great landscapes that is surely worth to be known.

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