São Sebastião Fort ( Angra do Heroísmo )

Angra do Heroísmo - Angra do Heroísmo


Known as Castelinho or São Sebastião Castle, this was the first Fortification of the amazing Angra do Heroísmo town, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, on the wonderful Terceira Island, Azores Archipelago.
The construction was ordered by king D. Sebastião and to him dedicated, situated on the Pipas Port, towering above the bay where the embarkations that sailed the important commercial routes of India and Brasil docked and were repaired.

The Fortress was built in 1580, with several restorations and modifications all over the years, namely in 1698.
This building was an important tool in the defence of Angra do Heroísmo and the Terceira Island, quite important to the international commerce. Together with the majestic São João Baptista Fortress, cross fire was possible, defending the important Angra Bay.
During the 19th century, this structure is almost abandoned, and afterwards adopted to other purposes other than military.

The São Sebastião Fortress was restored recently, and nowadays houses a prestige luxury design hotel that together cherishes tourism, history, heritage and arts.
From this Fortress one has an astonishing panorama over the delightful Angra do Heroísmo.

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