Located in the left bank of the Avis river, the lovely village of Fronteira is a typical Alentejo settlement, with an ancient history.

In fact, the human occupation vestiges in the area date back to over 10 thousand years ago, with several megalithic monuments throughout the region, with about 30 Antas and the Dolmen of the Megalithic Necropolis in the Herdade Grande or the rupestrian paintings on the rocks in the Herdade dos Pintos.
In the area there are also some Roman archaeological vestiges.

There are several monuments worth to be known in Fronteira, like the lovely Mother Church dating from 1594, or the Churches of Espírito Santo (1573) and Senhor dos Mártires (18th century), the Nossa Senhora da Vila Velha Chapel, the lovely building of the Town Hall, the pillory or the charming railway station decorated with glazed tiles panels illustrating scenes of the rural life.
In Fronteira several Manor houses can be found, in between the charming rural small white houses, small palaces from the 18th century, showing off the agricultural wealth of the region.

The surrounding nature is generous, allowing wonderful landscapes, filled with peace of mind, like in the Fluvial Beach of Ribeira Grande, offering several sport and leisure activities to all its visitors.

This typical Alentejo village has on its traditional handicraft a great reason of proud, performing ancestral techniques, with objects in cork, needle and woollen works, horn and the coloured distinctive Alentejo’s paintings, decorating wooden and ceramics objects.

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