Sulphur Cave (Furna do Enxofre)

Santa Cruz da Graciosa


Located on the interior of the Graciosa Cauldron, on the south side of the wonderful Graciosa Island, on the greenish Azores Archipelago, the Sulphur Cave (“Furna do Enxofre”) is an interesting geologic phenomenon with volcanic origins. The access to the cave is made through a tower with about 37 meter high and a stairway with 183 steps.

The Sulphur Cave is a profound lava cave, with origin in two eruptive centres in the Cauldron, with a maximum length of 194 meters and about 40 meters high in the central part.

With a big international volcanic and speleological value, this huge cave houses in its interior a beautiful lake with about 130 diameter and a maximum depth of 15 meters.
Also in the interior is an important volcanic gas system, consisted by a permanent fumarole with mud and by carbon dioxide gases emanations that are imperceptibly released in several areas in the Cave’s floor.
The Cave has two holes which allow the entrance of the sun light.



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