Sulfur Pitt

Ilha Terceira - Angra do Heroísmo


The Sulfur Pitt is located on the Praia da Vitória department, in the heart of the amazing Terceira Island, on the greenish Azores Archipelago.

Classified as Regional Natural Monument, on the Terceira Island’s Sulfur Pit can be observed fumaroles, volcanic vapours, vestiges of the last volcanic eruption that took place in the Terceira Island, on the 18th century.
The volcano, serenaded, still presents some activity through these fumaroles, that send out warm gases and odorant steam, through a system of fissures around which sulfur deposits are formed, as a result of the rain infiltration in it.

This notable geologic place is also an interesting habitat for important flora species, natural of places with this geological characteristics, with a very own micro-climate.

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