With human occupation since remote ages, the city of Guarda is the highest city in Portugal, at about 1056 meters high, in one of the Estrela’s Mountain Range slopes.
Guarda is also known for its severe winters, considered to be one of the coldest cities of the country, covered with snow during winter time.
Situated on a mountain range area, once Guarda was quite important for its strattegical position, next to the Spanish border and with a high altitude that allowed to better observed enemies attacks, hence its name of “Guarda” (Guardian).
Guarda offers several interesting sights, such as its Cathedral with Gothic and Manueline architectural influences, the José Lemos Garden, Medieval Squares, the São Francisco Convent (13th century), the Ferreiros and Menagem Towers, the São Vicente Church the interesting Guarda Museum or the old Jewish Quarter.
Several interesting places surround Guarda and are morth than worth a visit, such as the Estrela Mountain Range and the nearby city of Manteigas, Sabugal, the beautifull Sortelha, Trancoso or Vila Nova de Foz Coa.
The Gastronomy of this region is very rich and tasty, with special attention to the Codfish prepared with garlic and quality olive-oil, the Roasted kid goat (Cabrito Assado), and the Arroz Doce, a sort of Rice Pudding.

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