Guerreiros do Rio



Guerreiros do Rio is a peaceful and lovely small settlement in the Alcoutim village, situated by the amazing Guadiana riverbank that has influenced the place throughout the centuries.

This picturesque small settlement is a perfect example of the “other” Algarve, filled with charisma and beauty, distant from the tourist beaches of golden sand, yet filled with beauty, tradition and rural heritage.

Guerreiros do Rio has always been influenced by the great Guadiana river. In fact, here is situated the quite interesting “Museum of the River”, showing off the history and distinctiveness of all the lower Guadiana region, namely the importance of fishing for all the communities. Fishing in Guadiana was always an exclusively handmade activity, destined for the survival of the riverside communities. Its origin probably dates back from the Paleolithic period, when the first colonization vestiges by the river were found.

It is worth knowing this big river and its lovely banks, with the opportunity to do it by the delightful road that goes side by side with the riverbank or even by boat, renting it or in one of the many tours that are organized in the region.



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