Guia de Albufeira



Guia is a small village in the Albufeira department, one of the most famous Tourist Resorts in the Algarve.
The origins of Guia de Albufeira are so far unknown, yet it is thought that this is a region inhabited by men since remote times, namely during the Roman occupancy period.
The importance of the settlement developed probably after the Nossa Senhora da Guia Chapel, previous to the 16th century, where it is said that a Virgin Mary apparition occurred, attracting since then many visitors.

With the crescent Tourist industry, Guia developed, trying to keep up to the tourist demand of the great Albufeira resort, offering nowadays several touristic facilities, such as new resorts, villas, a big shopping centre or even the much famous “Zoomarine”.

Guia de Albufeira is proud of its important heritage, with monuments such as the already referred Nossa Senhora da Guia Chapel, built before the 16th century yet quite destroyed with the big Earthquake of 1755, having several restoration works in the 18th century that transformed the Chapel into one of the most important Baroque monuments in the Algarve. Also quite interesting is the 17th century Mother Church and the São Sebastião Chapel built between the 16th and 17th centuries, dedicated to the Saint that contributed to the evanishment of the Black Plague in the Middle age.

Every year in October takes place the Guia Fair, wih origins in the ancient Procession to the Nossa Senhora da Guia that for many years attracted many followers from all the Algarve.

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