Idanha-a-Velha is a beautiful village influenced by the many civilizations that inhabited the region, leaving several monumental vestiges that constitute a wonderful historical heritage.

By the time of the Roman occupancy of the territory, Idanha-aVelha was known as Egitânia, and was the capital of civitas Igaeditanorum that was probably founded by the Roman Emperor August.
Those who nowadays visit the small village and observe its pacific rhythm and lifestyle hardly believed that this was such an important and rich town at that time.

As time passed by and with the displacement of the great strategic-military roads and communications, Idanha-a-Velha started loosing its greatness. Yet, it did not loose its ambiance of ancient times. Those who visit it can still feel this lovely ambiance and feel a real open air museum where the great civilizations are affirmed in the vestiges they left. Here one can find vestiges that date back to such ancient periods such as Pre-Hisoty, Celts, Roman Classicism, Suebi, Visigoth, Arabian, Portuguese Middle Age and constructions dated from the Portuguese Manueline Period.

Of the several archaeological itineraries and monuments, there are some highlights such as the Cathedral, built over an Early Christian temple and afterwards built the first Visigoth Cathedral built in the Iberian Peninsula. In its interior one can observe the greatest collection of Roman epigraphy ever founded in just one place in Europe.

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