Nossa Senhora do Loreto Church



Situated in the exquisite historical old quarter of Lisboa, Chiado, in the historical centre, the charming Nossa Senhora do Loreto Church has remote origins in the 13th century, yet the present building dates from the 18th century.

The devotion to Our Lady of Loreto was brought to Portugal by Italian traders that installed in the region during the 13th, 14th and 15th century, being that the reason why this church is often named as the “Italian Church”.
The previous temple would have been built nearby the defensive walls of Lisboa in the 14th century, and later in 1573 was restored and enlarged, and dedicated to Our Lady of Loreto.
The current Church dates from 1676, and with the big earthquake and fire of 1755 got quite destroyed, and consequently restored and re-built in 1785.

The project of the Temple was signed by the same architect of the wonderful São Carlos Theatre, José da Costa e Silva, and is characterized by a central nave with twelve lateral chapels with the twelve Apostles, covered with the noble Italian marble.

The main façade is famous for its Our Lady of Loreto Image and by the pontifical coat of arms of Borromini (17th century), sided by two angels.

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