Santa Cruz Church

Praia da Vitória


The lovely Santa Cruz Church is located in the wonderful Terceira Island, Azores Archipelago. Its construction probably dates back from 1456, and it is one of the most ancient in the Archipelago.

Nevertheless the Church had several conservation and alteration works still in the 16th century and afterwards as well, namely in the 19th century, due to the natural catastrophes of the Island, such as earthquakes and big storms.

The Church presents several Portals with Manueline influence, as well as the vaults which are also in a late Gothic/Manueline architectonic style.
The building is composed by the central nave, two tower bells and several rectangular corps.
The interior is quite rich, with highlights such as the wooden ceiling, a wooden altarpiece with eight panels, typically Renaissance, as well as two holy-water fonts, an important collection of sculptures dated from the 16th century, rich custodies, and also all the sacred treasury composed by rich liturgical pieces.

In the Churchyard stands a monument in homage to the Portuguese Republic Restoration.

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