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The Santo António Church is one of the religious highlights of Lisboa, for it is located in the place where it is said once inhabited Saint Anthony, the popular saint of Lisboa and Padua (Italy). Terefore, in annexe there is a Museum celebrating the Saint.

The current Temple was erected between 1767 and 1787 after the great damages in the previous temple of the big 1755 earthquake, according to the project of the Architect Mateus Vicente de Oliveira. Nowadays from the original temple only the crypt is left.
It is said that the reconstruction of this church was possible due to the begging alms that the children made in honour to Saint Anthony. Even nowadays the same tradition endures, in June, when the Saint Anthony day is celebrated, and children over Lisbon get outside begging some coins to honour the Saint. The floor of the Church is usually covered with coins, and the walls with some writings made by the visitors.

The temple is characterized by its façade with Baroque, Rococo and Neo-Classic architectonic elements, with one only nave with a vault, covered and decorated mainly with the much noble marble. The Church is endowed with paintings from the renowned Pedro Alexandrino, as well as rich 18th century glazed tiles.



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