São Domingos Church



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Situated right in the centre of the lovely town of Lisboa, next to Rossio Square, the São Domingos Church dates from the 13th century, being famous for having as a relic part of the handkerchief that the shepherd child Lúcia used and part of the chaplet that the shepherd child Jacinta were using when the ‘Fátima’s miracle’ happened, on the 13th of May 1917.

The Church’s construction started back in 1241 and since then the original project suffered several alterations.
Its architectonic style is, therefore, a mixture of the different construction and conservation periods and influences, among them the alteration of the main chapel in 1748 and later the reconstruction works after a big fire in 1959.

This Church served as a model for the Churches built after the big earthquake of 1755, specially ofr its grandiosity and by the Architect Ludovice influence.



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