Igreja de São Francisco ( Évora )



The Church of St. Francis in Évora is a church of Gothic / Manueline architecture.

Built between 1480 and 1510 by Martim Lourenço e Pero de Trilho and decorated by the royal painters Francisco Henriques, Jorge Garcia and Afonso Fernandes, the church is closely linked to historical events that marked the period of maritime expansion of Portugal.

According to tradition, Gil Vicente was buried in this church 1536. The original monastic church had three aisles, with interconnected chapels. In this primitive building were held several important ceremonies.

The church was remodeled in the late fifteenth century, and it was built into the magnificent temple that exists today.

It is one of the most impressive churches in Portugal. Respecting the original boundaries, the three ships were replaced by the single remaining ship, covered by the bold Gothic / Manueline arch that reaches twenty-four meters high.

The Convent of St Francis lived then it's golden moments when the court of King Afonso V began to use the conventual space during their vacations stays in Évora.

In the nineteenth century a new crisis would befall the Convent - the extinction of religious orders in 1834. All of the monastery was nationalized, and in it installed the City Court...

The church however was saved and in 1840 became home to the parish of St. Peter.



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