São João Baptista Church



Situated right in the centre of the beautiful Tomar town, the lovely São joão Baptista Church, or Tomar’s mother Church, is one of the most emblematic buildings in the city.

The monument dates back to the 15th century and presents an interior composed of three naves defined by pointed arches.
There are several Manueline decorative motifs, such as in the lovely Portal.
On the left side of the Church is situated the great Tower with a quadrangular plant.

This Church was classified in 1910 as a “National Monument” and is also famous for being the Centre of the very traditional “Festa dos Tabuleiros”. This is a very important festival that takes place every four years in June and July: a very ancient tradition of the city, with pagan origins.
The population parades in pairs with the girl carrying a “tabuleiro” (“Tray”) in her head, decorated with bread, flowers, a crown and sometimes a white fowl, referring to the holy spirit.
The Festival lasts for about three days and has many others attractions.



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