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Church of Saint Mammes of Vila Verde

The oldest document ever to mention the Church of Saint Mammes of Vila Verde dates back to 1220, by which time it had already integrated the patronage of the Monastery of Saint Mary of Pombeiro. Renovations of the Church, probably carried out in the 14th century, are attributed to the brother and sister Martim and Ana Anes, whose tombs may be found inside the Church. The Church was built in the Romanesque style, as can be seen in the plant and the façades. However, the arrangement of the portals and the resort to the clean modillions link this monument to a period in which the Gothic style was already dominant. The chancel exhibits traces of mural painting, dated from the 16th century, featuring botanic and geometric motifs. It is also possible to identify the images of Saint Benedict and Saint Bernard. This painting would have been done by the artisan Arnaus, under patronage of the abbots of Pombeiro connected to the Melo family, whose coat of arms is still visible today. The construction of a new parish Church in Vila Verde in the second half of the 19th century contributed towards the continuing abandonment and decay of the Church of Saint Mammes. This monument was fully renovated as part of the project Route of the Romanesque.

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