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The lovely São Paulo Church is situated in the historical centre of cosmopolitan Lisboa, next to the much frequented Cais do Sodré area, since early times a place of trading and commerce.

The present temple was rebuilt over a previous church, after it got destroyed with the big Earthquake of 1755 that changed forever the face of Lisboa. In 1768 the restoration works began, according to the Architect Remígio Francisco de Abreu project, inverting the Church’s original orientation and following the typical style of the majestic Mafra Convent.

The Church is characterized by its one only nave, two square towers, a rectangular main chapel and eight lateral chapels.
The paintings in the Church’s interior are attributed to João Grossi and Pedro Alexandrino de Carvalho, and the ones in the ceiling to Jerónimo de Andrade.

The façade shows proudly the image of the “Saint Paul’s Conversion” and the images of Saint Paul and Saint Peter.

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