Igreja de São Pedro

Torres Vedras


Classified as a national monument and rebuilt in the sixteenth century façade with a Manueline portal. The Church is decorated under a Renaissance influence and is topped by the weapons of D. João III and D. Catarina de Austria.

In the northern outer wall is a side door from the sixteenth style decorated with cornices and fins. The other door, in manueline type comes from a chapel in Turcifal.

The Church presents a great variety and richness of tiles of various ages. It ranges from the green and white from the sixteenth century (covering the aisles) and the carpeted ones from the seventeenth century.

This Church has some remarkable sculptures of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, including: "Peter" and "St. Paul", "Lady of Conception St. Joaquim" and "Santa Ana".

In the sacristy we can admire two wooden boards from sixteenth century and in the room that leads to the sacristy - the home of the Brotherhood of the Clerics.

It has a wooden ceiling gilded and polychrome, where the screens of the four Evangelists are fitted.

Next to the stone pulpit of Luís Mousinho de Albuquerque, who was killed in Torres Vedras in 1846 in the battle between troops of the Conde do Bonfim and Duque de Saldanha.

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